Different but the Same

I sit here in a beautiful little town right outside of Brussels, Belgium. It is the third day in this year and I have already been steadfast in creating change and being resolute about my New Year intentions. I am different than a year ago. I am happier. I am healthier. I love more. I am more understanding. Or try to be.

The crazy little thing about life is that it continues no matter what. The world continues to spin. I am on the other side of the ocean and while I haven’t adjusted to the time, and I’m not sure I will, life continues to be the same back home. Life continues to be the same here. There is traffic. There is news. There is food. There is life. Albeit most of it is in French, but life and people are the same nonetheless.

So if life is the same, people the same, etc., what is so grand about travel? What compels me to see? I think the premier education exists within the mundane of knowing that life exists the same everywhere regardless of status, creed, ethnicity, religion, time zone. We all have the same basic needs. So while we are different, we remain the same.

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