The other day we watched the Help. It was my fiftieth time, not exact but close, seeing it. I distinctly remember in the end when Viola Davis is walking down the street after quitting the only life she had ever know, and she said “I always knew we were gonna have a writer in the family, I guess that will be me.” If you have seen the movie, you know that yearning to write didn’t come quickly, it came from a hesitancy and a need to tell her story. Perhaps that came to me early on in life.

I’ve always written things. Journals, lyrics, poems, stories, screenplays, etc. But to be honest, I have discarded them over the years. I didn’t think that what I had to say was important. I didn’t think that people should listen and what I had to say was very personal to me but in the end it was just nonsense to others. Wrong.

I’ve really always been a writer. It comes across in the way I talk, analyze things, give people advice, see the world and experience it. But I haven’t always written. I haven’t always used my voice in a way that I should be compelled to do so. A friend of mine told me recently to just stop talking about it already and write the damn book. So here I am, and I am saying to you, do the thing. Do the thing that scares you but that you know you are born to do. Your purpose will pivot, but let your passion drive it.

Hello, my name is Kate. I am a writer.

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