Collecting Countries: Portugal


Hello lovlies! Most of May was spent traveling for me and doing a lot of soul searching, surprise I know. Even though I have spent a good amount of time traveling this year, it is the most I’ve ever traveled! However, I’ve always been addicted to learning about new places and I’ve made it my mission to turn all the learning, research and pining into real adventures and stories to share.

So, expect a lot more travels coming your way! My favorite stop on this past trip was Ponta Delgada, Portugal. It is part of the Azores and is legit the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in person. I mean look at this unedited photo… brilliant if I do say so myself.

While we were there, for too short a time I might add, we were able to drive a bus up to this picturesque spot where we had the optimal view of the Lagos das Sete Cidades or the  “Lake of the Seven Cities”.  The lakes sit at the bottom of a dormant volcano and they are ecologically different and have different Ph balances or something that create the look of two totally different colors. I made that up…but it sounds good.

Needless to say, next time I win the lottery or have a bunch of vacation and tax rebates saved up…I’ll be visiting the Azores again, but this time I’ll go hiking.

What about you? Could you see yourself hiking up this place? I want to see your pictures if you’ve been.

Until next time, happy venturing.


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