Work Work Work Work Work

There are numerous ways people make money , right? Are you a proud member of a cube farm? Are you an independent entrepreneur? Maybe you’re a savvy network marketing goddess who makes 5k a month pushing makeup on the Internet. Go you!

Seriously. Can we agree on two things for the sake of this blog: 1. Everyone needs money and money is not bad and 2. We need to stop shaming people for the way they choose to do so. (As long as it’s legal and not physically hurting anyone.)

We literally find ways to shame anyone. My more targeted audience for this post is those who shame network marketing people. And before you protest this post. I will firmly admit that I have dabbled in one or two network marketing companies. They just sound so good. Working from home or literally anywhere for a few hours a day and making thousands…sign me up. Jokes. Seriously though, stop it. Stop saying that you are too good to buy someone’s product. I am still, though not actively pursing it in this moment, a Beachbody coach for Team Beachbody LLC. I love their products. I have had AMAZING results with their products. I support them. I support their coaches. And you know what, what they offer can save people money. It can help them lose weight. It can help them achieve financial stability. And yet, so many negative things are said about this company just because it isn’t a typical brick and mortar.

We as a collective society , not we, you and I, approach network marketing companies like they are schemey. But we buy almost all of our stuff off Amazon now. Do you see where I am going here? It is not weird anymore to buy 99% of our goods off the Internet anymore. So why is it weird to you that your friend is working via his/her laptop and selling something that he/she is passionate about. I only respect those who sell things they actually buy by the way, but that is another post for another day!

Bottom line — You wouldn’t shame your friend for working at TJMaxx and promoting their latest sale to you via your FB page if you shopped their all the time. You might say thank you and good day. Maybe it’s time we start viewing these opportunities to support our friends as opportunities to support our friends. Some of this stuff is a gold mine. My sis sells that Lipsense stuff and it stays ALL DAY. I’m not promoting it, maybe I’ll do an info post on my review but y’all… I have looked for YEARS for lip color that lasts all day. Buying something I want AND it helps to support my badass teacher of a sister, Holla.

This little piece of advice is not just for those who are selling the next best thing. It is also for your friends who are launching small businesses, startups, non-profits. The best way for you to support them… show up! Whatever that looks like. Give. Donate your time and skills to help them get off the ground. Go to their events. Partner them with their ideal customer if you know of someone who is a good fit.

I get it. It can be so exhausting to be sold to all the time on social media. But didn’t you see this coming. We’ve been sold to via everything, forever. TV, radio, driving down the street…it is logical to accept the fact that we will always be sold to via the newest platform.

So let’s agree that it’s not that big of a deal. Stop shaming your friends and posting things like “You crazy _____ ladies…”, “If one more friend posts something about _______ I’m going to delete everyone”, “No I DON’T WANT TO BUY YOUR TOOTHPASTE.” Calm down. Maybe one day you will need their support. Maybe one day you will need their product.

If not, let’s agree to disagree and just bring social back to social media.

It’s okay to hustle where you can. It’s okay to accept that you need/want money. Money is a necessity and money isn’t bad. Therefore, by extension…work isn’t bad.

Find something you love and just do the thing.

An abundance of thank you’s for reading.

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